32 Passenger Land Yacht Party Buss

Sometimes good things come in large packages.
Our newest luxury limo coach seats 32 comfortably. This is our newest coach and quite possibly the finest coach available anywhere. Custom built amenities include 2 “safety poles”, 2400 watt ultra clear high definition CD/DVD/Satellite sound system with 5 20″ HDTV’s around the top of the ceiling and front of the coach with a large 56″ HDTV in the rear of the coach.

System is also equipped with DirectTV satellite in motion with local channels and over 300 other channels to choose from. There are also 15 different lighting effects to choose from including strobes, leds, fiber optics & remote control lighting. Jazz theme inside and out. For your comfort it features 2 large A/C units for ultra coolling on hot days.

Other amenities include sliding privacy door, large bar with ice cooler, full pull down shades for privacy, and GPS Navigation.

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